what happens when you have a friend that romanticizes dying at a young age, and who keeps consistently emphasizing that she is underweight on the BMI scale?

Im not going to write a fantasy song. Even a song like ‘Mr. Tambourine Man’ really isn’t a fantasy. There’s substance to the dream. Because you’ve seen it, you know? In order to have a dream, there’s something in front of you. You have to have seen something or have heard something for you to dream it. It becomes *your* dream then. Whereas a fantasy is just your imagination wandering around. I don’t really look at my stuff like that. It’s happened, it’s been said, I’ve heard it: I have proof of it. I’m a messenger. I get it. It comes to me so I give it back in my particular style.” - Bob Dylan [x]

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At Opium we have a small but perfectly formed steamed dim sum menu. Our dumplings are a mix of classics (Har Gau; King Prawn Dumpling, Siu Bau; Pork & Prawn dumpling, Seasonal Vegetable dumpling) and contemporary dumplings (Sea Bass & Fennel, Crab and Samphire). 

We also serve Char Siu Bau, the deliciously light Cantonese Barbecue Pork Bun and a luxurious twist on the classic Prawn Toast - Sesame & Poppy Lobster Prawn Toast. 

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